Kajo SoftButton Wireless - A Wireless Access Switch

Kajo SoftButton Wireless

Kajo SoftButton RF is a wireless RF transmitter that can be used as a wireless nurse call or assistant call button or to operate other RF receivers to open doors, operate lights and more. The wireless SoftButton is ideal to use in bed as it can be attached to a pillow or to other textiles and there are no tangling cables.

SoftButton can be used as an alternative alarm method with an assistant call or a nurse call system. It can especially benefit people who can not press the button of traditional wrist transmitters or other remotes. SoftButton is easy to activate: it works with a light press and the soft activation area is easy to target.

SoftButton has many uses: it can be paired with any Easywave RF receiver to Wirelessly operate a light, open a door or to send an assistant call to name a few.The wireless button is easy to transfer e.g. from bed to wheelchair and attached to textiles with its safety pin attachment.

The cover of the SoftButton is dirt resistant but also skin friendly. SoftButton's soft surface makes it suitable to be pressed with head movements. The cover can be washed (up to 60) and replaced. Each SoftButton includes one cover.

SoftButton Wireless

  • Diameter: 80 mm
  • Height: 25 mm
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Frequency: 868,30 MHz
  • Battery: 3V replaceable
  • Cover material: Polyester (Machine washable up to 60 °C)
  • Mounting: Safety pin attached with velcro, threaded 3 mm screw inserts
Kajo SoftButton RF wireless switch for switch access

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