KajoBase Duo accessory for KajoButton

KajoBase Duo

KajoBase is a mounting solution for two KajoButtons that enables the neat positioning or mounting of two switches. With two switches you can e.g. operate the back adjustment of a bed with Kajo Bedcontrol, control two lights with compatible RF receivers or send a nurse call and open a door with a compatible receiver.

Using KajoBase Duo has almost limitless possibilities. It can be tied around a bed side or an arm rest with a strap, suspended from the neck with a neck strap, fixed to a mounting arm through it's screw inserts or mounted with a screw. The switches can easily be taken on and off the KajoBase when needed.

Possible uses:

  • Neck bands
  • Wrist bands and thigh straps
  • Wrist strap to bed side or armrest
  • Attachment to a mounting arm
  • Fixed installation through mounting hole