Kajo Arch multichannel RF transmitter for switch access

Kajo Arch

Kajo Arch is an arch shaped wireless RF transmitter that has independent switches for different actions. It can be used to control Environmental Control RF receivers or a switch interface. Kajo Arch is compatible with all Easywave receivers. The top stickers of the Arch buttons can be customized to indicate the intended use of every button.

Use as an Environmental Control Unit

Kajo Arch can be used as an independent Environmental Control Unit. With one transmitter you can control four separate RF receivers. With the Kajo Arch you can for example open a door, send an assistant call, operate a lamp and adjust the height of a nursing bed.

Easily mountable

Kajo Arch can be attached to a mounting arm to keep it in a position where it is easy to use. The mounting arm ensures the transmitter is in the right position when used in bed or in a wheelchair. No cables obstruct the use or moving of the wireless switches.

  • Arch shaped wireless RF transmitter for Environmental Control, Switch Access and more.
  • Compatible with any Easywave receiver, sold separately.
  • Mountable with compatible mounting arms.
Kajo Arch 425 switches for switch access and environmental control


Switch Diameter: 25 mm
Activation force: 150 g / 250 g
Battery: 1x 3V replaceable battery
Mounting: 2x threaded screw inserts

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