Meaningful Assistive Devices for Everyday Use

Kajo Apuvälineet is a Finnish Assistive Technology company specializing in Environmental Control, AAC devices and Software. We utilize our experience in producing Assistive Technology products we believe will be meaningful and usable for their users.

Kajo Arch multichannel RF transmitter for switch access

Kajo Arch

Mountable RF transmitter for Environmental Control, Switch Access, Assistant Call and more.

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Kajo Sip and Puff Switch

Wireless Sip Puff Switch

Wireless two-way Sip and Puff switch with a flexible mounting arm. Also a wired version is available.

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Kajo SoftButton switch - a soft ability switch

Kajo SoftButton

Soft foam covered switch with a safety pin attachment

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Kajo SoftButton Wireless - A Wireless Access Switch

Kajo SoftButton Wireless

Wireless foam covered soft switch for switch access, environmental control

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KajoButton 25 and 50 switches for switch access


Sensitive and durable ability switch, designed for everyday use.

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