Kajo Bedcontrol

Kajo Bedcontrol

Kajo Bedcontrol is an auxiliary device that enables people with disabilities to adjust an electric nursing or hospital bed with easy-to-use wireless switches and transmitters. Switches are a suitable way to adjust an electric bed for people who lack the fine motor skills to press the buttons on a hand controller.


Kajo Bedcontrol is compatible with all wireless Kajo switch transmitters, like the KajoButton RF and KajoArch. Kajo Bedcontrol can also be operated with a compatible Environmental Control Unit, like Housemate. Multiple possible ways of controlling Kajo Bedcontrol ensures that most people have a way of adjusting an electric bed.

Bedcontrol's safety feature prevents possible problems caused by uncontrolled activation or involuntary movement by the user. The device will not adjust the bed's sections for more than three seconds on a continuous activation. The switch needs to be released and activated again to continue adjusting. This prohibits the possibility of adjusting the bed's sections to extreme positions by mistake.

Kajo Bedcontrol with Switches Example of use with two KajoButton RF's
Kajo Bedcontrol can be used to operate every function found in most hand controllers. It can also be limited to operating fewer functions like only lowering and raising the back section of a bed.

Kajo Bedcontrol

  • Enables electric bed adjustments with RF transmitters
  • Can be operated with any wireless Kajo transmitters
  • Safety feature to avoid uncontrollable adjustment
  • Eight output channels
  • Housemate compatible
  • Easy mounting with mounting adapter
Kajo Bedcontrol mounting adapter

Accessories and Mounting

Kajo Bedcontrol can be quickly and easily mounted to a bed with a mounting adapter. The mounting adapter can be used to suspend the device on the structure of a bed, ideally a rectangular bar that measures 31mm x 60+ mm. The mounting adapter is sold separately.


Product code: KABCRFR8A
RF frequency 868.3 MHz EasyWave
Channel outputs: 8x Open collector
Enclosure dimensions: 81.5 mm x 86.6 mm x 56.5 mm
Operating Voltage: +12Vdc
RF frequency 868.3 MHz EasyWave