Cookies Policy

Does the website use cookies and what are they?

We use cookies on this site to to improve our website and enchance your experience using the site. Cookies are small text files our server sets to your internet browser. Cookies give us information on how our website is used. We might use cokies to improve our services and our website, to analyze the use of our website and to optimize and target advertising. The user of this website and consent to our cookies policy or decline the use of cookies with a tool found on our website or from browser settings. Please note that this website might not work correctly without the use of cookies.

Does the website collect user data?

We collect information and usage data from our website with Google Analytics. It allows us to analyze and improve our website. The user data sent to Google Analytics is anonymized. AddThis is a sharing service that improves the functionality of our website - it enables the user to share this website's content in social media services.

The cookies used on this website and their purpose

Session cookies are essential to the website's functionality. They expire automatically when the session has ended and the browser is closed. The temporary cookies store data like your language selection on this site. Persistent cookies that are stored on your browser for a pre-defined time improve the usage of this site, remember your consent to our cookies policy and enable us to collect usage data. Persistent cookies are created on visit and stored for a pre-defined time. When the user next visits the site the cookie is deleted and a new one is created. Third party cookies include Google Analytics ja AddThis. By using Add This sharing component you consent a third party to store a cookie on your browser.

Consent and deletion

By selecting "I understand" you agree to our cookie policy. However you can at anytime see the cookies our website stores on your browser or reverse your permission by deleting the cookies. You can delete the cookies with a tool found in our COOKIES POLICY or in the settings of your browser. Cookies can also be blocked with various browser extensions like the Google Analytics Opt-out tool.

The cookies on this website are disabled.
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