KajoButton RF wireless access switch

KajoButton RF Switch

KajoButton RF is a wireless RF (Radio Frequency) transmitter, that helps it's user to independently control various appliances. KajoButton RF frees the user of tangling cables. KajoButton RF is mountable and works with a light press so it is suited for users with various disabilities, especially if pressing traditional RF transmitters is difficult.

Wireless environment control

KajoButton RF can be used to control household appliances such as doors, beds and lights or to be integrated in to a nurse call system*. Multiple KajoButton RF-transmitters can be used in the same household to perform different tasks as each KajoButton RF has an unique signal. It can also be used as an access method for an Environmental Control Unit (HouseMate).

Due to it's long range KajoButton RF can be used to control appliances from a distance e.g. to open a door from another room.

> Durable Easywave-transmitter
> Both auditory and tactile feedback
> Can be used with any Easywave RF receiver
> Works with a light press
> Low battery indicator
> Available in different colors

*KajoButton requires an external receiver to communicate with appliances.

KajoButton RF

Diameter: 55 mm
Height: 18 mm
Weight: 50 g
Activation force: 250 g
Frequency: 868,30 MHz
Battery: 3V replaceable
Mounting: 3x threaded 4 mm inserts

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